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A budtender is someone who works with people and with marijuana, and that’s pretty much all. If you love those two things, the budtender job can be great.

You meet amazing people and get to talk to them about marijuana. You can share your personal experiences and learn about theirs. You get the opportunity to learn about all the newest products, and are often able to try them yourself before they go on sale.

You have the opportunity to develop long-term relationships with your customers, and get to hear some of the amazing stories they have to share, as well as sharing a few of your own.


Required Education & Experience

The word “budtender” is derived from the bartender, and in some ways the job is similar, but in other ways it’s very different. Unlike a bar, people are not allowed to enjoy their product in the store, so although there’s going to be some interaction with customers, it’s going to be before the sale and without consumption. This means you have to be customer-ready and capable of being knowledgeable and sociable without smoking or eating cannabis.