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36 responses to “CANON CITY LOCATION (Double Click To Expand )”

  1. Do ya’ll sell for recreational use. Coming from AR for an extended healing sabbatical soon..

  2. Mike says:

    Can you recommend a type/name that is good for enhancing the wife’s libido?

    • John Schwartz says:

      Sadly no… BUT I have again asked our experts and I will report back just as soon as I do have a recommendation for you.

      Thanks for writing !

      • John Schwartz says:

        Hi Mike:

        Alex at our Nevada store offered in reply to your question:

        For the gentleman’s wife’s libido I would recommend Vortex, it is great for vasodilation, so flushed cheeks are common with that strain, along with good blood flow throughout the body. Vortex is the best medicine we have for that.

        Thanks for writing Mike !

    • John Schwartz says:

      “For Mike’s wife’s libido I would recommend Vortex, it is great for vasodilation, so flushed cheeks are common with that strain, along with good blood flow throughout the body. Vortex is the best medicine we have for that.”

      I hope you both find that helpful.

  3. Church says:

    Is the Maggies Farm in Pueblo West a recreational shop or medicinal only?
    Do you expect to have the Manitou Springs shop open by May 15?
    Will it be recreational?
    We are also coming from Arkansas, as is Guinn in the first comment.
    To all my friends: See you in Colorado!

    • John Schwartz says:

      Hi and Welcome to Colorado !

      Pueblo West is Medical Only right now, no firm date on Manitou yet.

      Thanks for writing !

  4. Zach says:

    Hi, I was curious if there is a confirmed opening date for the Recreational shop in Manitou at this point? Looking forward to having a rec shop close to the springs!

  5. Alex says:

    Any plans on opening a rec shop in Trinidad?

  6. Bounds says:

    I am from SC. Looking for medical use only. Can you ship to a medical use only doctor if you get the necessary documentation? If so what would you need? Would like to purchase plant tops only. If that is possible, what would be approx the cost.

  7. Michael Ray Rogers says:

    Do y’all offer tours of the farm with free samples?

    A bed and breakfast type retreat would be awesome!

    I need to get up to Colorado!

  8. J. James says:

    Hi, Do you sell a Pain cream?

  9. Texas Andy says:

    Coming to see yall soon. Do yall still give penny prerolls for comments?

  10. kennalane36 says:

    I love Maggie’s farm in canon city.the prices are great,lots of discounts.they have fantastic flower and friendly knowledgeable staff!

  11. I have been a member at Maggies Farm for 2 years, I haven’t been disappointed yet. The staff are awesome theres never a dull moment. If you come through Colorado maggies farm is the only place to stop. Peace

  12. Vanessa Cain says:

    Pueblo West -Very knowledgeable budtenders and the friendliest I’ve met atound Pueblo and the Springs. They ran out of Colorado Cannibus Tears so the manager Amy drove to another store to pick up some and bring back, rather than just waiting for it to vome in on their next delivery. The best customer service that I’ve seen from any Store. The store was good last year, but since she took over it’s become the best I’ve been to.

  13. Amy says:

    Looking for a synergistic combo tincture or something like it, preferably a balanced THC/CBD raw oil to use sublingually or orally for chronic pain and PTSD. Nothing that would cause a high. Would like it as it would be found in nature. I love the idea of the patches but they are pretty pricey. But I’d do them over the others if they’d be best. Would love recommendations. Unfortunately, we found out the hard way that cards aren’t accepted, so we have to wait for payday since I can’t work anymore.

  14. Jeff M. says:

    Not only do they some of the best tested strains but the staff is always kind and helpful.Regards my visit today – A BIG thanks. –Jeff

  15. Austin says:

    I am moving from Texas in the morning. Can I stop by and purchase a few pre-rolls or do I have to have a medical card? Thanks !!! I really enjoyed your web site

    • Maggie's Farm says:

      Hi Austin !
      Welcome to Colorado ! Visit any of our Recreational locations where all you have to show is ID for a pre roll purchase.

      Thanks Austin,

  16. j masters says:

    Great staff! Great products!

  17. Tony Eaks says:

    Maggies is the only place to shop if you want to walk out knowing instead of wondering. The people there are friendly, informative and the girls are cute. 😛

    Always been happy with all strains and edibles.

  18. Tony Eaks says:

    Fresh,tasty and elevated…that describes Maggies. Helpful people and pretty staff.

  19. Tony Eaks says:

    I have been using Maggies from day one of getting my med card. I won’t go anywhere else. Staff is friendly and supportive. The quality is always good. The prices are very fair and the Maggies mix Budder is priced for all and meets all standards.

  20. Alexander says:

    Coming from SC for a visit. Where are your recreational stores and are there any friendly places to stay around Colorado Springs. Plans are to go north also.

  21. Kathy Moore says:

    1st tried maggies 7/24/2016 in manitu, and everyone was helpful n friendly from the moment we walked in the door. Next time we went to pueblo east as it is much closer. There, they were all helpful knowledgeable and friendly. Both visits we left knowing we got best product for our needs. Thanks and continue helping all.

  22. Patty Kilgore says:

    Can i still buy rec with my okla drivers license after oct 10?

  23. Kathi Cullip says:

    Coming to Visit today, as I do not yet have a medical card, but deal with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, raynauds phenomenon, RSD2, manic depression, PTSD, cancer is in remission. Coming to visit with you all, to see what you can have me try to get off of the 23 mediations I am currently on.

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