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62 responses to “COLORADO SPRINGS LOCATIONS: (Double Click To Expand!)”

  1. Dave Derry says:

    Hey guys,

    I look forward to supporting your recreational side should you open a store front in Manitou Springs. See you soon if it happens!

    Fingers crossed,

  2. Tbone says:

    The wife and I are visiting Manitou Springs in the last half of April. Any chance you’ll be open then?

  3. Jodi says:

    We will be visiting Co Springs in a couple of weeks and would like to visit. We are not residents are you a recreational facility?

    • John Schwartz says:

      Things are moving fast please check back when you arrive…No REC in the Springs…But we will update you soon.

      • Rev Shawn says:

        Greetings y’all! I am a transplant from Alabama and will be in the COS area 8-7-’14. Will be traveling on Hwy 24 to get to Woodland Park, CO.. I would like to stop and look at your facility and get info about membership as I qualify for the Med card. What can I do until I receive my card? I will have CO. ID within a couple days of arrival.
        Thanks and MANY Blessings for the work y’all do!

        • John Schwartz says:

          Hi Rev Shawn,

          The best bet is for you to go to CO.Gov….look under M.E.D. section…for all the info direct from the source !


  4. David Zareczny says:

    Good morning, I am a new member but missed out on both of the awesome deals above. Being a veteran myself, that free 1/8 would have been awesome. To check on specials do I visit this webpage each day or is their a e-mailing list I can get on for special notifications? If nothing like that exists currently I apologize. Just don’t want to miss out any any future deals

    much obliged,

    • John Schwartz says:

      Hi David,

      Please head to the closest Maggie’s Farm as the Memorial Day offer is still in effect till all 256 1/8ths are gone.
      Please call 719-328-0420 for more info.

      I post the SPECIALS for the coming week on TUES P.M. Look for them on the NEWS page.

      Thanks David

  5. LisaH says:

    Any updates on the Manitou location opening?

  6. Bucky cameron says:

    Can you let me know when you open in Manitou Springs…we will be in area June 22-29! Looking forward to seeing you~Bucky

    • John Schwartz says:

      Just a little longer…sadly, after the dates you listed. We hope you come see us again !
      Thanks !

  7. BJ says:

    Did I hear correctly, are you selling rec as of July1st?

    • John Schwartz says:

      Well actually Friday 6/20 was the first day of Rec sales for Maggie’s in Pueblo.
      Thanks !

      • Loran says:

        could you tell me if your corado springs location sells for recreational use, i comeing from oklahoma to cripple creek in sept and im trying to find a good shop in pueblo or and more preferably colorado springs. tbanks

  8. Shawn says:

    Looking for Super sour fire OG

    • John Schwartz says:

      Its one of our strains this year! I have heard lots of great comments on SSFOG as well.
      Call your local Maggie’s to make sure its on the shelf, before you come on over !


  9. Kurt says:

    I see you won’t have clones as all your medicine is grown from seed under the sun.

  10. Chris Murray says:

    Having started to get sick of all the desperate attempts at making recreational marijuana look bad, I started thinking and had an idea I think Maggies should consider.

    I would LOVE to see a running tally of how many tax dollars are going directly into Manitou on your website. I am sure that number will be very high in just a short amount of time and having that easily accessible proof of how much you are helping Manitou could help calm a lot of naysayers.

  11. Jeremy Collins says:

    Hi, I have a friend that lives in Colorado Springs and been meaning to move out there with him. He can get me a job but unfortunately it requires a drug test. I’m 37, with no criminal history and would really like to get into this industry. I’m currently living in Illinois, but want to make the move out to Colorado for permanent residence. If you are looking for help please e-mail me and I am a solid person and employee. They always say its not work if you love what you do, but have yet to find a job in my lifetime here that I truly love. Now this, I would love!

    • John Schwartz says:

      Hi Jeremy,

      Lots of folks from out of state interested in working in the industry. Once you get here and have your MED badge you should be able to find your
      “true love”


  12. Gustavo says:

    Hi I’m from Brazil I wonder if they’re open for a recreational visit.?

  13. Kevin Seggerty says:

    so your open now to recreational in Manitou Springs?

  14. […] in Colorado Springs, Pueblo West and beyond does have multiple “No on 2G” badges on its website. The group’s Manitou location sold more than $2 million worth of marijuana from July 31-Oct. […]

  15. Scott says:

    Will be visiting Florissant co soon where could I purchase recreational before my arrival thanks

    • John Schwartz says:

      Hi Scott,

      Our Manitou or Pueblo West Rec Location will be closest to Florisant.

      Thanks and please enjoy your visit !

  16. Judy says:

    Do you have edibles in your rec store in Manitou?

  17. Jim says:

    Does your manitou springs locale carry the same identical products as your other Colorado Springs locations? My sister in law is a newbie when it comes to pot! She is visiting from Kansas City and does not have a medical card but most definitely needs it for that purpose! She has respiratory issues so cannot smoke it. She is talking about trying an edible, but I notuce you carry salves, balms, and oils, Her primary health concerns are severe back pain and nerve(neuropathy) pain. I think she would like to try an application that is mild to start! I no nothing about pot but think she wants me to come by and pickup the goods!:)

    Thank You. Jim Maxwell

    • John Schwartz says:

      Hi Jim,

      Kind of a problem with the law right now…in that the people who need the most info, are regulated to Recreational purchase where information and knowledge are not as plentiful as they are in Medical stores. Call one of our medical stores, they will be happy to assist you with your very important questions. Any attempt that I might make to do so, is considered medical advice…and is against the law. Sorry.

      Thanks for writing and please give us a call,

  18. SmilnJak says:

    The gals were super nice, knowledgeable and patient. She helped me get the right product for my need and the quality is excellent.

  19. Carolyn and Johnnie says:

    Happy valentines

  20. nam says:

    I need THC oil for my wife’s treatment, do you guys carry thc oils? I will be visiting Colorado Springs over the weekend.

    • John Schwartz says:

      Yes we do, with a better selection in our medical stores. If you are looking Recreationally please call ahead, to check stock, as it moves very fast.


      • David Wray says:

        My wife and I will be in Moniteau Springs 3rd week of April. She has never touched anything and I, on the other hand, spent 2 tours in SEA in 1969-70 and 1972-73. but I know strains have gotten a lot more potent since that time so I could use some advice. I really enjoyed smoking Thai Stick. If I used grass I would want something to chill out with and enjoy my wife, my trip, the good people there and just being!! But was thinking maybe edible would be a better way to go.Will be staying in an old Victorian in the Springs and I noticed you had a shop right there and we still want to enjoy Colorado. Could you maybe send some prices and info about this. It will be strange. Thanks for your help. Oh, by the way, Did I mention I haven’t smoked in 30 years and I am 66 years old.I cannot remember a time that p[ot caused a fight, or even harsh words. Al;l we ever did was laugh and drink wine!!

  21. Paco says:


    Maybe a silly question, but because I will be a stranger in your country, am I allowed to buy 2 or 3 heads ?


  22. Dominick says:

    Do you guys have hash oil vaporizers at your rec store?

  23. Alex, says:

    My spouse and I will be visiting your store in the next few weeks, April 2-24th. We would like to visit your store and consider purchasing some of your marajuana for recreational use, but hopefully to relieve back pain. Will you have anything available and can we “reserve” it.
    We are from out of state, and will only be here for a short time.

    • John Schwartz says:

      We will have a good selection when you arrive. I’m sorry that we have no way to reserve product.


  24. Crystal says:

    I think it’s unfair that you would have a 420 special that only goes from 8am-12pm. It’s like your saying people that have day jobs don’t deserve to get the same deal.

  25. Peggy hunt says:

    I am in the Springs now & due to severe pain, as well as healing from lung cancer surg in Sept, I was so looking forward

    To trying some edibles .. But now I find I can’t get medicinal & have no way to get to Manitobu. Any suggestions ? I am 67 ,have

    Had 7. Back surgeries over the years . It has left my spine so degenerated , I can no longer walk upright & needless to say my pain

    Is excruciating ! If anyone has any ideas please contact PJ thru this site… Thanks for listening

  26. Dean says:

    We are in co springs for a few days &would to like to purchase some pot for rec use.we are not colorado residents. Are we allowed to do this? How much are we allowed to purchase?

  27. Carl says:

    Looking for blue dream or sour diesel

  28. Drew says:

    I will be out in Colorado Springs from the 13th through the 17th I was wondering if there was any recreational facilities in the area and what was the highest % of thc in your recreational strains

  29. Cheryl Evans says:

    I really love the store and am going to see if i can drop by on my Birthday September 3rd, (there or manitou springs) . I was wondering, what can one do to become a member?

    • Maggie's Farm says:

      Hi Cheryl !

      Membership is available at our Medical locations.
      Please call or stop by one of our Medical locations today and they will be happy to answer all your questions.

      Thanks and Happy Birthday Cheryl !

  30. Roy says:

    Job fair at Roadway Inn 9-10, 2:30 TO 4:00PM?

  31. Jessie says:

    I found (in Salida) a massage lotion with cannibus which has helped greatly with my fibromyalgia pain and muscle tension. I am wondering if you sell a similar product at your recreational store in Manitou Springs, since I get up there from my mountain home quite often. I’d like to know the size of the bottle and the price, if possible.

    • Maggie's Farm says:

      Hi Jessie,

      I get in trouble if I post products and prices. I can tell you that what you are looking for IS in stock at Manitou, from a variety of quality vendors.
      I can suggest that you visit Use the locator at the top, type in Maggie and you’ll see the Manitou store pop up.
      If you click on that link you will see TOPICALS listed with prices on the menu.

      Once in the store you you will find it filled with people happy to help you.


  32. Linda says:

    I am looking for THC oil but do not have a medical card. Can I shop at one of your medical locations or do I have to go to the recreational store?

  33. j may says:

    Hey all
    Enjoyed the store in Manitou . Truly amazed in the benefit of the ediballs . Being from upstate NY and being there for a wedding. I was able to see the benefit first hand. Really hoping NY continues to push for the door to widen here, so chronic pain folks can use this instead of the opiates that most are forced to use. My question is what is the main difference in the different gummies to Brownies to Oils? Thanks j

  34. Gretchen Flanary says:

    Can an out of state resident now buy an ounce per day at your Manitou location?

  35. Vitor Rocha says:

    You will be open on christmas day?? I’m going to arrive from Brazil, and looking forward to know the store !!! Tks

    • john says:

      Hi Vitor,

      We will be closed on Sunday for Christmas. Please come visit us Monday 12/26 for the final day of our Holiday Sale !

      Welcome to Colorado and Happy Holidays to you.

      Thanks Vitor

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