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 We are always searching for exceptional people to join our team. We know it takes passion, energy, and creativity to create a thriving cannabis company!

The cannabis industry attracts people who are passionate about cannabis and the movement to end cannabis prohibition. At Maggie’s Farm we realize the huge responsibility of being pioneers in this industry and we strive to set the highest standards.

A MED Occupational License is REQUIRED to be considered for hire. To start the process to obtain a MED Badge, visit the following website for application and instructions:

This industry is highly regulated and there are specific qualifications in the state of Colorado for obtaining a badge granted by the Marijuana Enforcement Division. A few of the most basic requirements are:

  1. applicants must be 21 or over,
  2. never been convicted of a felony at any time regarding the possession, distribution or use of a controlled substance and
  3. must be a Colorado resident



Manitou Springs

Part-time Cashier/Reception




Southern Colorado

Security Guard 

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