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Dabble Extracts was started in 2012 in order to create clean, quality concentrates for Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. In the pursuit of perfection Dabble Extracts obtained a closed loop extractor and developed a viable process more than six months prior to MED proposed mandates. This developmental jump was crucial in putting Dabble Extracts ahead of the curve with both extraction and purging material in a closed loop process. The extra time and effort Dabble Extracts puts into all of their products is directly reflected in the end product. Pound for pound Dabble Extracts makes a cleaner more potent product with higher terpene retention then our competitors can with our clients material. Dabble Extracts commitment to quality has been demonstrated with the numerous awards that were bestowed in the 2015 Hemp Connoisseur Championship. With only two entries Dabble Extracts won “1st Place” in the Shatter category and “2nd Place” in the Wax/Budder Category. Dabble also received the “Connoisseurs Choice” award and “Cleanest Concentrate” plaque. For more information visit us at