To provide the most authentic cannabis experience from farm to euphoria.


We are the premier Clean Green Certified® cannabis cultivator and retailer.

We’re always looking for exceptional people to join our team.

We know it takes passion, energy, and creativity to create a thriving cannabis company.

The cannabis industry attracts people who are passionate about marijuana and the movement to end prohibition. At Maggie’s Farm, we recognize the huge responsibility of being pioneers in this industry, and we strive to set the highest standards.

A MED (Marijuana Enforcement Division) Occupational License is REQUIRED to be considered for hire. To start the process to obtain a MED badge, please click here. Regulatory qualifications require that applicants must:

  • be 21 or over
  • never have been convicted of a felony at any time regarding the possession, distribution, or use of a controlled substance, and
  • be a Colorado resident

Benefits of working at Maggie’s Farm

  • Generous PTO Accrual
  • 6 Paid Holidays
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • 25% Employee Discount on Product

Employee Spotlight

Maggie's Farm Employee Spotlight - Kim W.

Kim W.

Shipping/Recieving Specialist

with Maggie's for 1 Year 7 Months

I work for Maggie’s because of the opportunities and challenges that have helped in my career and personal growth. My favorite part about Maggie’s is the incredible team I get to collaborate with. Chemodo Dragon because of its amazing taste and great balance of effects.

Maggie's Farm Employee Spotlight - Andrew B.

Andrew B.

Retail Shipping/Receiving Coordinator

with Maggie's for 2 years, 8 months

“I work for Maggie’s Farm because I have a passion for marijuana itself and for the variety of work we get to experience, learning and growing all together as a team! My favorite part about working here would have to be Harvest season and weighing all our behemoth plants! My favorite strain at Maggie’s Farm is currently our Sativa dominant Island Spice due to a combination of the beautiful color variety, great bud structure, sugary leaves and just an awesome high that is not too crazy but on the perfect level for me.” – Andrew B.

Maggie's Farm Employee Spotlight - Mitch K.

Mitch K.

Digital Director

with Maggie's for 1+ Years

Why do you work for Maggie’s Farm?
The unique opportunity to continue building an organization with a strong commitment to growing cannabis naturally and sustainably.

What is your favorite part about Maggie’s Farm?
I’m surrounded by a team of dedicated professionals.

What is your favorite Maggie’s Farm Strain and why?
Happy Camper has the one-two terpene profile, dominated by B-Caryophyllene and Myrcene, that provides a relaxing, focused experience that’s just right for playing guitar, reading a book, listening to records, or watching a movie.

Maggie's Farm Employee Spotlight - Dan C.

Dan C.

General Manager, Pueblo East

with Maggie's for 3+ Years

“I started working for Maggie’s Farm because it was the only company in the industry that reflected my personal belief of producing a product that was grown following the USDA’s standard for organic practices. As I have continued my journey with Maggie’s Farm, it has become a combination of the cultivation of a dynamic team that lifts each other up, and how Maggie’s Farm genuinely cares about the health and wellbeing of its employees, patients, and customers. It is the greatest privilege to work for a company like Maggie’s Farm who cares about the environment, produces a superior product, and that serves its community. My favorite part of Maggie’s farm is our amazing flower. The diversity of strains, terpene profiles, and cannabinoids make Maggie’s Farm my only stop. They have a strain for every need from pain relief, anxiety management, to just wanting that euphoric body feeling. My favorite Strain from Maggie’s Farm is Rumballs. First you get this spicy hop aroma, then you get a blast of fresh mountain pine. Rumballs has been a life savior when it comes to helping with muscle pain, and body relaxation. It’s my go to at the end of the night.” – Dan C.

Maggie's Farm Employee Spotlight - Nick M.

Nick M.

Retail Operations and Implementation

with Maggies for 4+ Months

This month we are excited to feature Nick M., Retail Operations & Implementation Manager at Maggie’s Farm, for our monthly Employee Spotlight! Nick is a master in his craft, never settling for less than exemplary results. He is a true steward of the Maggie’s Farm Brand and we are excited to appreciate him in this month’s Employee Spotlight. “As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, I am always interested to read about the shakers, the movers and leaders of the industry. Maggie’s Farm with their Clean Green Certified all Outdoor Flower was a company who sparked my interest. After reading more about their values and methods of organic soils, being pesticide-free and having an all sun-grown product I was intrigued. Maggie’s is a beacon of light leading the way for the Cannabis industry and I’m proud to be a part of such a great company. What I enjoy most about Maggie’s Farm is their mentality and philosophies around being focused on their people and being an Employer of Choice. Ultimate success rest on the team who contributes daily and when a company takes care of the team, the team in return ultimately takes care of the company. My favorite Maggie’s Strain is the Lucky Leprechaun. It has a great euphoric high, wonderful aroma, good flavor and a great resin content. I’ve found my sticky-icky!” – Nick M. Nick, Maggie’s Farm thanks you for all your hard work and dedication, and we are happy to have you as a part of our family!

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