Clean Green Certified

When you hear “Clean Green Certified®,” think “organic.” Since 2004, the Clean Green Certified program has mirrored every single requirement of the USDA’s own National Organic Program. That means following the strictest practices in organic farming by using only natural fertilizers and pest-control methods, blending our own living organic soil on-site, drying and curing our plants without any chemicals or radiation, minimizing our carbon footprint, and so much more. We know that old-fashioned farming doesn’t just produce the highest-quality crop — it also makes for the cleanest, safest, and most environmentally responsible cannabis production anywhere in the world.

Maggie’s Farm was the first Colorado company to receive Clean Green certification, and we’ve proudly maintained our status every year since. The moment marijuana becomes federally legal, we will instantly qualify for USDA organic certification, but that’s just frosting on the bud. Our true commitment is to the principles of quality, consistency, and stewardship – of our plants, our planet, and our loyal customers’ sky-high expectations.

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