Colorado Balloon Classic

The Colorado Balloon Classic is the largest hot air balloon festival in the country. Located at 328 Bonfoy Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80909. The annual event takes place near Prospect Lake in Memorial Park. The festival is held each year on the weekend before Labor Day. To learn more about the hot air balloons and the event, check out the official website. There are numerous activities for the whole family to enjoy, including hot air balloon rides, games, and a parade. The festival also features a variety of music events.

The Colorado Balloon Classic is one of the top five balloon exhibitions in the world. It is the largest air show in the state of Colorado. The American Bus Association lists it as one of the top 100 events in North America. There are several events in the city throughout the year, so you can easily find out the date of the next event in your calendar. You can also find out more about the festival by visiting its website.

The balloon flight is a great way to see the beautiful scenery of Colorado Springs. It is a great opportunity to take a break from the everyday grind of life. If you enjoy exploring nature and spending time outdoors, then Colorado Springs has a lot to offer. For example, you can take a guided tour of Downtown’s art galleries. If you love balloons, then you should take advantage of the Colorado Balloon Classic.

The first Colorado Balloon Classic was a race between two friends in the Black Forest in 1976. After Reinhard’s first race, the balloon event was moved to Memorial Park. He flew the balloons for several years but stayed on the ground in later years. He eventually handed over the festival to local organizations. The name was changed to the Labor Day Lift Off. The event is an annual event held during the Labor Day weekend.

The Colorado Balloon Classic is one of the most popular hot air balloon festivals in the world. The festival is free to attend and offers a wonderful kaleidoscope of colors. You can watch balloon glows, see the inflation process of the balloons, and even purchase a souvenir DVD. The festival is the perfect place to take your family. Soak up the atmosphere and make memories at this spectacular festival.

The Colorado Balloon Classic is organized by the Colorado Springs Balloon Classic, Inc. The organization began in 1977 and is the largest hot air balloon festival in the Rocky Mountains. The festival is free to attend and is a great family event. The weather is ideal for a balloon festival, so plan your trip accordingly. If you’re visiting from out of town, be sure to get there early enough to enjoy the festivities.

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