Are you an inspired Blogger or Ambasador/Influencer wanting to share your thoughts of Maggie’s Farm Products? We want to hear what you think!

Maggie’s Farm is pleased to collaborate with ambassadors & influencers to support the brand’s digital market strategy. We are looking for individuals who are highly engaged with their audience, have a loyal following, favor content quality over quantity, and whose personal brand aligns with the Maggie’s Farm target audience, values, and marketing goals.

  1. Must have a blog site or social media account(s) that pertains to and aligns with the Maggie’s Farm brand values.
  2. Agree to publish specific content that pertains to Maggie’s Farm products/campaigns, Sustainable Cultivation Practices, and our Clean Green Standards. No other brands should be included in Maggie’s Farm related content.
  3. Posts must be honest pertaining to the product highlighted and align with the Maggie’s Farm Values.
  4. Posts must include any relevant product links to Maggie’s Farm website and/or Social Media pages.
  5. Posts do not need to be approved by the Maggie’s Farm team but will be audited on occasion to ensure alignment.
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