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Join the Maggie’s Farm Rewards Program

Earn reward points for every dollar you spend, then cash in on flower, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, and more. Plus, be the first to hear about our new promotions!

  • Join now and get 300 reward points
  • Earn points on every purchase
  • Redeem points for exclusive deals on flower, concentrates, cartridges, swag, and more
  • Enjoy exclusive birthday offers
  • Stay informed of special events and promotions

Use the link below to sign up today. You must opt in to SMS messaging to start earning points. You may opt out at any time, but we suggest staying opted in for several reasons, including:

  • After every purchase, you’ll receive a message telling you how many points you earned and your new balance
  • You’ll always be in the know about upcoming sales and promotions, and you’ll get exclusive access to limited-time offers
  • You’ll be the first to know about special events at Maggie’s Farm

We know that excessive brand communications can be annoying, and we wouldn’t put you through that. We will never spam you or send excessive communications – just what’s necessary.

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