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Launching Wed, Sept 22, 2021

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Mac & Cheese - Limited Time Only Recreational & Medical Strain at Maggie's Farm

Mac & Cheese


When life gets overwhelming and you just need a cozy evening reprieve, load up a bowlful of Mac & Cheese #6, the undisputed comfort strain. This indica-heavy hybrid combines the heady euphoria of its Mac mother with the pungent taste and blissful anesthesia of its Alien Cheese father for the most soothing smoke imaginable. On a first whiff you might catch notes of apple and pine, but just underneath lies this strain’s characteristic sour-skunk flavor, which brings to mind Roquefort cheese with the barest menthol finish. The high offers a fast-acting giddiness that elevates the mood and melts away anxiety before settling into a calm composure enhanced by a warm, gooey, full-body comfort perfect for pain relief, stress relief, and a good night’s sleep.

Launching 9/22/2021!

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EZ Baked - Limited Time Only Recreational Strain at Maggie's Farm

EZ Baked


Step one: Mix together Triangle Fire, The White, Diagonal, and Double Dip #16. Step two: Plant in organic soil under the warm Colorado sun and water daily. Step three: Bask in the mouthwatering aroma of EZ-Baked and prepare yourself for a deliciously elevating smoke. EZ-Baked is an indica-dominant hybrid with a bold citrusy aroma and a sweet diesel flavor that tempts out the appetite almost instantly. With a gentle mood lift and a body high that’s more pleasantly numb than oppressively heavy, this strain offers the perfect blend of physical and mental relaxation without sending the user straight to bed. And on the medical front, EZ-Baked is also popular for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to relieve stress and mild pain, making this strain an easy choice when it comes to getting baked.

Launching 9/22/2021!

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