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Camphene is known for its pungent smell, and is found in conifers, nutmeg, and sage. It is most commonly used as a fragrance and flavoring additive. It is said to have potential therapeutic properties with antiviral , antimicrobial, and pain-relieving effects.

Potential Benefits*
  • Antioxidant
  • Stress Relief
  • Calming
  • Relaxing
  • Herbal
  • Pine

* NOTE: Maggie’s Farm is not making medical claims.


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Featured Seed


Salvia officinalis

Get these seeds on 04/12!

A traditional symbol of health and long life! Textured green leaves grow on a small sub-shrub plant. It has been said that the terpenes and essential oils found in Sage can help with digestion, depression, memory loss, heartburn, Alzheimer's disease, & more.

Why is Maggie’s Farm Giving Me These Seeds?

The very same beneficial terpenes that are found in cannabis are also found in everyday plants & foods. They have been used for their therapeutic and medicinal benefits for centuries. Our goal is to educate and further normalize the Cannabis plant by showing consumers how common and ubiquitous the components are that are found in cannabis. Our hope is that you enjoy these seeds and put them to good use, and also share this education with your friends & family.

Grow with us & show us on Social Media

This spring and summer we will also be growing these seeds and giving you tips on how to cultivate them in an organic and sustainable way, just like we grow our cannabis. Plant and grow your herbs with us and tag us in your photo and use the hashtags #savetheterps & #growwithmaggiesfarm

Featured Strains

High levels of Camphene can be found in these Maggie’s Farm strains


Clementine Kush

Bursting with skunky fruit flavors and a gripping system-wide high, this indica hybrid produces a powerful nectar for the weary and afflicted alike. Bred from Tangerine Sunrise and Gupta Kush, Clementine Kush is foremost a treat for the eyes with its luscious blanket of trichomes interwoven with fiery orange hairs atop hefty pea-green buds. But below the surface, you’ll find an exhilarating mental high alongside an intense body stone that’s shown promise in managing a wide range of troubles, from anxiety and ADHD to GI issues and chronic pain.

Clementine Kush Info & Availability


Crown Fire

All hail Crown Fire, an indica descendant of Durraflame and 14er Special known for its powerful but merciful reign. Crown Fire boasts regal, glittering buds and a robust earthy herbal flavor that nearly overwhelms the playfully spicy finish, but nothing compares to its royal highness. The effects arrive with a flourish, offering an uplifting and attentive mental high that quickly subsides into a warm, soothing release that seeps through the entire body, prompting the mind to wind down and offering users sanctuary from fatigue, anxiety, depression, pain, and muscle spasms.

Crown Fire Info & Availability

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