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Humulene is prevalent in ginger, ginseng, and hops, and has been used for centuries in holistic medicine. It contributes a woody, earthy scent, and can be an effective anti-inflammatory and appetite suppressant.

Potential Benefits*
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Anti-tumor
  • Pharmacokinetic
  • Analgesic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Appetite suppressant
  • Earthy
  • Musky
  • Spicy
  • Woody

* NOTE: Maggie’s Farm is not making medical claims.


Grow With Us

Featured Seed


Coriandrum sativum

Get these seeds on 04/17!

This one is slow to flower so you can harvest it for much longer! Fun fact: Cilantro's seeds are known as Coriander. It has been said that the terpenes and essential oils found in Coriander can help with low blood sugar, heart health, brain health, digestion, & more.

Why is Maggie’s Farm Giving Me These Seeds?

The very same beneficial terpenes that are found in cannabis are also found in everyday plants & foods. They have been used for their therapeutic and medicinal benefits for centuries. Our goal is to educate and further normalize the Cannabis plant by showing consumers how common and ubiquitous the components are that are found in cannabis. Our hope is that you enjoy these seeds and put them to good use, and also share this education with your friends & family.

Grow with us & show us on Social Media

This spring and summer we will also be growing these seeds and giving you tips on how to cultivate them in an organic and sustainable way, just like we grow our cannabis. Plant and grow your herbs with us and tag us in your photo and use the hashtags #savetheterps & #growwithmaggiesfarm

Featured Strains

High levels of Humulene can be found in these Maggie’s Farm strains


Magic Bubbles

Into the cauldron went Al-Kamia and Burmese Kush, and out came Magic Bubbles, an enchanting 60/40 indica hybrid perfect for an evening smoke sesh. With an effervescent fruity flavor that floats across the tongue and lingers in the air, this strain conjures up feelings of contentment and tranquility as it gently shoos away tension, stress, and pain. So although it’s adored for its ambrosial taste and divine aroma, it’s this seductively smooth mind-and-body high that makes Magic Bubbles really pop.

Magic Bubbles Info & Availability


Maggie's Golden Marmalade

Maggie’s Golden Marmalade is a mellow and sticky-sweet confection made from Golden Strawberry and Tribal Treat. With a thick crust of sugary crystals and the unmistakable flavor of cherry licorice, this exquisite indica is a paranoia-free mood booster that leaves no room for tension or stress. For a night of good vibes and calm nerves, dip your paws into a fresh jar of MGM.

Maggie's Golden Marmalade Info & Availability

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